Dutch Tartan Army

The Dutch Tartan Army was formed during the EURO 96 Championship Qualifiers,by a group of eight ex~pats, and has been growing ever since. The original eight are still going strong and membership has increased over the years

The objective of our Footsoldiers is to travel to all of Scotlands away matches(even Scotlands home matches are "away" matches for us!).Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at the Scottish Pub in Valkenburg. New members are welcome,our membership contains various nationalities who share a common experience in the suffering agonies and anticipations of watching Scotland play,anywhere in the world!
Sunday December 7th,all members were present and accepted the 15 proposals debated at the November meeting.Next meeting:1st Sunday in February.

For more info contact our club secretary/Minister of Sanitation